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The New Push in Syria: Cold War between US and Russia 2.0: Obama from Pope Francis to the Saudis in a Day


From the geopolitical perspective, there is an avalanche of information to sift through: And, although the title of this blog seems to be addressing three unrelated things; they are all related.
First up is Syria. There have been fantastic advances on the ground by the SAA and Hezbollah militarily, whilst the western backed various Al Qaeda groups founder; or even better still, turn on one another. So, as it has been the goal to oust the popular president Dr. al Assad [without which it will be hard to wage war with Iran] the west now employs its useful NATO dog, Turkey. It was not enough that Turkey, along with Jordan, were home to many of these Al Qaeda elements in the last four years while they received funding, arming and training by US Special Operators and British SAS. Now, it has been leaked that heads of state in Turkey were planning a false flag attack to start an active ground war with Syria. There have already been reports of massive Turkish troop movements to the north as of late; not to mention the shooting down of a Syrian fighter jet own its own soil. A false flag would be a perfect pretext to stir the Turkish people into wanting a shooting war with Syria. And a Turkish shooting war means a NATO shooting war, which will also pull in Syrian ally Russia.


Now enters Crimea and her democratic referendum to rejoin the Motherland; which the West and 100 countries in the UN refuse to acknowledge. Despite there being no actual “invasion” by Russia as western media has portrayed it; the referendum was held under accordance with international law complete with multiple international observers who all claimed the vote was free from intimidation. What many in the West, and especially Americans, seem to forget is that Crimea was a part of Russia since the time of Catherine the Great; and despite a loss in the Crimean war [which can be blamed almost solely on a British envoy named Stratford Canning] Crimea was “gifted” to Ukraine by the butcher of Ukraine- Nikita Khrushchev (who himself was also Ukrainian) in 1954. There was no vote nor referendum for the ethnic Russians at that time as to whether they wanted to stay a part of the Russian Federation. Also, the Russian Federation and the USSR are not the same thing. So, now enters Russia and the wild western media accusations that Putin is massing troops on the Ukrainian borders for invasion. This is silly nonsense and feeds into nothing but old Cold War mentality. Russia is indeed massing troops, that part is true; but not to invade Ukraine. There is absolutely no strategic reason for this at all on the part of Putin. Ukraine is now a failed state with the coup orchestrated by the United States and in no small part the IMF. Invading Ukraine would be pointless and a huge economic burden on Russian coffers. Why bother invading and mending a failed state, that someone else broke? Utterly preposterous. The only reason Putin would even consider sending in any force at all would be to protect the ethnic Russians in East and Southern Ukraine from the Neo Nazi Putsch regime installed in Kyiv; not to mention the rantings of mad Yulia Tymoshenko who is calling to “nuke” all ethnic Russians. However, what is most prudent for Putin and the Kremlin to do is nothing but offer moral support to the East and South Ukraine and let them secede on their own; which they are most likely to do.


The Russian troops massing is to counter the Turkish troops moving north in what appears to be a pre-emptive invasion of Syria. Crimea, with its Russian naval jewel in Sevastopol, being absolutely vital to Russian access to the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the 76th Air Assault Division. These seem to be crucial facts that are lost in mainstream western media. It seems the media is only concerned with a missing plane, a Russian invasion that never happened, and the sharing of laser tag technology that has been around since the 1970s called MILES. Which, coincidentally, a dozen countries use, including Ukraine. It seems the media and politicians alike would love to start a shooting war with Russia; but of course none of them nor their children will be on the front lines.


So, how does Obama’s visit to see the Pope and then the Saudis tie in? The Pope’s tie and interests in this verge into the “conspiracy theory” realm which I am all too happy to plunder. Catholics and Orthodoxy have been at odds for hundreds of years. Russian Christians are mainly Orthodox; and so, there it might be easier to see where this is headed. The stated reasons for the trip were “to better relations and discuss income equality”. Readers can draw their own conclusions on these reasons.


Next up on Obama’s whirlwind tour was a visit to Riyadh and King Abdullah. Not inconsequestially, Abdullah formally named his successor yesterday. According to Al Arabiya the reason for the visit is “for talks that aides said would focus on Middle East peace, Iran and ways to strengthen the Syrian opposition.” So, in other words, how to topple al Assad and go to war with Iran. How quaint that the Turkish false flag plot was leaked yesterday; time for contingency B?


Finally, what this means is an escalation of tensions in the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus. Probably civil war looming in Ukraine, and quite possibly the end of the petro dollar with only the Military Industrial Complex left to prop it up. 2014 is certainly shaping up as the year of change.


In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while; you could miss it.”



Syria: Beating the War Drums


Here we go again America! Doesn’t this feel familiar, like Iraq WMDs familiar? What is going on here is quite simple, really. Once you back away from all the small subplots, you can see the entire play unfolding. America is broke, busted, belly up financially and nothing ‘stimulates” an economy and distracts the populace like a war.


It strums the heart strings of patriotism; despite having a warmongering despot as a President. It fuels the Military Industrial Complex and ensures our troops have a job! Regardless if that means those said troops commit atrocities against civilians, have attacks of conscience, and commit suicide in record numbers. Oh wait, they’re already doing that from Afghanistan and Iraq! Well, hell what’s one more desert hellhole to add to the list? Syria, like Iraq, is a cradle of civilization. Its capital, Damascus, one of the oldest inhabited cities on planet Earth, is home to many sects of the three Abrahamic religions. That, I might add, lived in peace for hundreds of years. The Syrian Revolution that never was, considering you have over SEVENTY PERCENT of the population wanting their current leader to remain.


Now, let’s digress for a moment on chemical weapons. Indeed, I agree with Russian President Vladmir Putin that there is no concrete evidence that the attack was the regime; in fact there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. What is concrete fact is that the “rebels” best known as terrorists, have been caught on THREE separate occasions using chemical weapons. They were so bold, in fact, they made videos gassing rabbits and proclaiming that they had intentions of doing that to the Alawites! Which, by the way, President Bashar al-Assad is a member. The Syrian Army have found caches of chemical weapons in terrorist strongholds that they have recaptured. Turkey has arrested members of Jubhat al Nusra with sarin gas. One member of al Nusra has also claimed to have personally used chemical weapons on civilians.
When will Americans STOP falling for this BULLSHIT!


I believe, however, there has been a miscalculation by those inepts in the District of Criminals. That would be the Russian bear. Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation are a force to be reckoned with, that cannot be bought off or blackmailed, and will NOT desert Syria. There are Russian troops on the ground in strategic locations in Syria. Any military action could be seen as an act of aggression against Russia. So, now we have a set up for the World War 3 scenario that Albert Pike so lovingly predicted. How quaint! Now is the time to talk to those you know in active duty military and in seats of power in politics. Silence will be viewed as consent. You do not want that on your conscience.


“May the strike that falls on Syria be the final stroke and death of the Empire”~ Andrea Royall


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Jesus Blesses the Children


This post was inspired by this poster:

palestinian child

And Luke 18:16
“But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God”

If you think killing and imprisoning faces like these are going to get you into “heaven”.. THINK AGAIN

children in Iraq

syrian kids

afghani girl

pakistanti children

Now sweet faces like those look like this:

syrian baby

and this:

dead syrian children