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Lone Survivor: How to Make a War Movie Without Promoting War


I will not waste a perfectly good blog post on the usual blather about troop worship or that troops don’t really fight for our “freedoms”. Those are for another day.

After watching Lone Survivor, I’m left with the burning question as to how the “progressives” found this movie to be war promotion “porn”. Having said that, many things about progressives in America leave me with more questions than answers. Mostly the misnomer of the label “progressive” when they seem to be authoritarian statist chumps.


Lone Survivor is a movie based upon Marcus Luttrell’s book of the same name; that involved Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. The beginning of the movie is a treatise on some, not all, of what it takes to become a SEAL. The realism in this movie is astounding. Having said that, as a cardiac nurse the medical scenes were terrible and you would kill someone in real life if those things happened in the ER. That was my only complaint about the movie.


This movie promotes how war is horrendous; dying in a foreign land horrific; making the right decisions (when you shouldn’t have to be making them at all) difficult at best; and how there are Afghans that are absolutely fantastic people. That’s what I saw when I watched Lone Survivor: Perhaps it was the Staff Sergeant’s daughter in me. GO SEE IT.




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