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Veterans Day: A Celebration of Fear, Blood and Sacrifice


Today is November 11th, celebrated in the West as Veteran’s Day. Many are unaware that Veteran’s Day was once called Armistice Day; due to the Armistice of World War 1. You know, that “war to end all wars”. November 11th was not officially called Veteran’s Day until 1954 to celebrate all veterans, so as to include those veterans involved in the war of aggression against Korea.[1] The Korean War split a nation and cost nearly 2 million Koreans their lives. All this for some Cold War blustering.[2]


From the 1950’s until present day, there has been nothing but one war of aggression after another, none of which were fought for American freedoms, but for international corporate and banker interests. That’s it and that’s all. These interests include; white slavery rings, drug import and export, money laundering, black sites with torture, pillaging of a country’s natural resources and needless butchering of their citizens.

I, myself, am the granddaughter, daughter, niece, sister and cousin of veterans. I love my family. I do not love what they were involved in and why they were made to fight needless wars; as my father and uncles were drafted for Vietnam. My grandfather, a fantastically humble man, rarely spoke of what he saw while fighting the Japanese in the South Pacific. He would only talk about the topless women of Bora Bora. He would also mention, “Now Andie, don’t you be thinking them there Japs are small like they are on TV; ’cause they ain’t!” That was all he would ever say. He, like most that fought in WW2, were caught up in the moment, especially after Pearl Harbor. If only he would have known how manipulated his “patriotism” was; I’m not sure he would have chosen the same path.


My uncle, much like his father, is also an incredibly humble man. He also rarely ever spoke about the horrors he witnessed and was involved in during the Vietnam War. My uncle was asked by the US Army to train as a sniper; he refused. He never once told me why. The only thing he ever said about Vietnam was, “I’ll never eat rice. I saw my friends blown to bits in those damn rice patties. You could hold a gun to my head and never make me eat it.”
My father, a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, only discussed with me his PTSD trigger, the smell of blood. He mentioned doing wreck and recovery for the CIA and being recruited by Mossad. He refused. That was all he has ever confided in me.


As for my sister and cousin, they joined out of pride in their family service. As far as I know, neither have actually killed in their lines of duty. They are lucky ones.

Now, for the occult significance of Veteran’s Day:

War is a fear driven, blood soaked ritual that channels Saturnian death energy. I do not think this is an accident. Fear is one of the lower vibrational energies, along with Saturn that governs over the root chakra. The root chakra, signified by the color red, is the lowest vibrational chakra of the human body.[3,4] Red, in addition, was the color of the god of war. Ares in Greek myth, Mars in Roman myth. The significance of the number 11 in numerology is quite an antithesis to the low vibration of the Saturnian energy. 11 is referred to as a “master number” The number 11 “symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment.”[5]
Perhaps that is the point of the celebration of the fear, blood and sacrifice of Veteran’s Day; to push that low vibration into another realm.


One thing is for absolute certain. War is a cycle of death for innocents and military alike. All are victims of the war machine.

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