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Syria: Beating the War Drums


Here we go again America! Doesn’t this feel familiar, like Iraq WMDs familiar? What is going on here is quite simple, really. Once you back away from all the small subplots, you can see the entire play unfolding. America is broke, busted, belly up financially and nothing ‘stimulates” an economy and distracts the populace like a war.


It strums the heart strings of patriotism; despite having a warmongering despot as a President. It fuels the Military Industrial Complex and ensures our troops have a job! Regardless if that means those said troops commit atrocities against civilians, have attacks of conscience, and commit suicide in record numbers. Oh wait, they’re already doing that from Afghanistan and Iraq! Well, hell what’s one more desert hellhole to add to the list? Syria, like Iraq, is a cradle of civilization. Its capital, Damascus, one of the oldest inhabited cities on planet Earth, is home to many sects of the three Abrahamic religions. That, I might add, lived in peace for hundreds of years. The Syrian Revolution that never was, considering you have over SEVENTY PERCENT of the population wanting their current leader to remain.


Now, let’s digress for a moment on chemical weapons. Indeed, I agree with Russian President Vladmir Putin that there is no concrete evidence that the attack was the regime; in fact there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. What is concrete fact is that the “rebels” best known as terrorists, have been caught on THREE separate occasions using chemical weapons. They were so bold, in fact, they made videos gassing rabbits and proclaiming that they had intentions of doing that to the Alawites! Which, by the way, President Bashar al-Assad is a member. The Syrian Army have found caches of chemical weapons in terrorist strongholds that they have recaptured. Turkey has arrested members of Jubhat al Nusra with sarin gas. One member of al Nusra has also claimed to have personally used chemical weapons on civilians.
When will Americans STOP falling for this BULLSHIT!


I believe, however, there has been a miscalculation by those inepts in the District of Criminals. That would be the Russian bear. Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation are a force to be reckoned with, that cannot be bought off or blackmailed, and will NOT desert Syria. There are Russian troops on the ground in strategic locations in Syria. Any military action could be seen as an act of aggression against Russia. So, now we have a set up for the World War 3 scenario that Albert Pike so lovingly predicted. How quaint! Now is the time to talk to those you know in active duty military and in seats of power in politics. Silence will be viewed as consent. You do not want that on your conscience.


“May the strike that falls on Syria be the final stroke and death of the Empire”~ Andrea Royall


Sources and References MUST READS
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11-Turkish Police find Chemical Weapons in the Possession of Al Nusra Terrorists heading for Syria
12-Syrian army finds chemicals in militants tunnels



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  1. The first video you posted is very disturbing. Was this posted in the last few days? What the video points out has not been reported anywhere that I know of.
    Thank you,

    • It was posted yesterday by Storm Clouds Gathering and Syrian Perspective

      • Thank you and nice to meet you. After perusing some of your writings perhaps you feel as I do the frustration of the Syria/Middle East situation. I feel a sense of extreme urgency when thinking about events in that region which has challenged me in a way that has not been previously felt. I am trying to think of words to write which will make a difference, which will prevent any escalation of violence in that region. I am torn between thoughts of what can little old me do to make any difference to thoughts of having no choice but to try, because the people of that region are truly fellow brothers and sisters in the family of man. Can you share any thoughts with a fellow blogger on how to write effectively to make a real difference, to prevent escalation of violence in that region? There are men and women who have more knowledge of the region and the truth of what is occurring. Can you share the names of any scholars, authors or journalists, any websites where truth can be found? I have only scratched the surface on the realities of the region, have a sense of the situation and entities involved, but would hope to become as fully informed, as quickly as possible. In essence what I am requesting from you are sources of true information so I can go directly there instead of wasting time reading articles which are not relevant, as time is of the essence.
        Thank you,

  2. After commenting I notice websites you use for research. I will edit my request to delete websites but retain the names of individuals who we could consider the most important voices on Earth at this time regarding the Syria/Middle East situation.
    Thanks again,

    • I have to say quite a bit of my knowledge of the Middle East has been learned through life experience and associations. However, Webster Tarpley is a decent source as is Gilad Atzmon. I would also suggest reading transcripts and writings of Hassan Nasrallah, the General Secretary of Hezbollah.


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