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Man of Steel: “A Brave New World meets Jesus Christ Superstar”


After seeing the new Man of Steel I was struck by all the “occult” things in the movie.


Firstly, the planet Krypton, from the Greek κρυπτός kryptos “the hidden one”. Krypton is an actual element on the periodic table, with an atomic number of 36. For those into numerology, this breaks down to the number 9; which is coincidentally ruled by the planet Mars. 9 is also a number of regeneration, reformation, energy, and enterprise. This is most interesting given that the inhabitants of Krypton did seem rather “warrior-like” (Mars) and were all into reformation, energy, and enterprise; in other words, invading and terra-forming other planets to suit their “biological” needs. Imperialism and Colonialism all wrapped up in one.


Also, there was disturbing references to Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World. There was a scene in the movie where the consciousness of Jor-El (think Kurzweil “Singularity” here) is speaking to Kal-El concerning his home planet. He describes a place where babies are not born of parents but are grown and cultivated. These “children” are, from before birth, given a pre-destiny; whether it be, a warrior, a worker, a scientist etc.. This process is exactly what is detailed by Huxley in A Brave New World. Parents are seen as unnatural, disgusting even. Jor-El and his wife Lara commit a “revolutionary” act by creating and birthing their own baby, then sending that baby out into the universe to decide his own destiny. Very un-Kryptonian.

jor-el and lara

Then, there is the “Codex” manipulation of Kal-El’s DNA. A codex can be defined as an ancient annal. This particular codex contained, in the movie, all the DNA sequences of the various inhabitants of Krypton. So, in essence, Kal-El became a living “ark”. This story will sound familiar to those that read on the Annunaki, the Igigi and Gilgamesh.


Also of note, this codex was in the shape of a skull in the movie. Skulls have varying esoteric meanings. Some meanings are tied to the necromantic arts whch are relevant here. One of those arts is to raise the dead. Isn’t that in fact, what Kal-El represents? Embodying a dead race with all inhabitants DNA entangled with his own?


Now we come to the family El. El was the supreme god in Canaanite culture. He was the “father” of mankind and all creatures. Jorel in Hebrew means “God will uplift”. Kal-el, or Khalil in Arabic means “friend”. Surely these names are not coincidence.


The letter S was not popularized in English use in “round” form until the late 1700s. S conjures serpent or snake into the mind due to symbolism. According to Kal-El, on Krypton, S means hope. Serpent worship is the oldest in recorded history.

green snake

The modern S comes from the Semitic “shin” meaning “teeth”. Shin is considered a “mother letter” in the Sephiroth of the Qabbalah, and represents one of the three dimensions of space. Shin also represents the “right” pillar of the Tree of Life, and the dynamic movement of the element Fire. The shape of the letter “shin” also refers to the Trinity. Not incidentally, there is a father god, mother spirit, and sacrificial son here in the Man of Steel story.


So, baby Kal-el comes to Earth, assimilates like a good little alien and becomes the human races “savior”. Now, where oh where have we heard this before? Also, of note, Kal-el gets his energy from our young sun. Son-sun, “god’s” son.. Get it? So Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, aka Jesus Christ Superstar saves the day.



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  1. There is no occult things in Superman, the S shield is the mon or heraldry of the House of El (Kal Els colors). Kryptonite got its name because it sounds cool thats all.

    • I am not entirely convinced you understand what “occult” means. Perhaps looking up that word will help. And, I’m sorry to say I was never a comic nerd- I only interpret what I saw in the movie. However, I realize that in the film the explanation of the S was in there.. But there is always a deeper meaning to things. Much like you having a mythical beast as your email address.


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