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Decoding the Matrix Part Three: The Coming Messiah

Being brought up Southern Baptist, which is a lot like the Salafi Muslims, you learn about the “Second Coming” of Christ. What you don’t learn in Sunday School and hours worth of hellfire and brimstone preaching is that many of the world’s religions have a Messiah. These religions pre-date Christianity. In fact the word “Messiah” comes from “Messeh” the Egyptian word for crocodile fat. This fat is where the “anointing oil” was derived.
I believe this Messianic doctrine was to placate man, when in actuality even in the Bible it tells you, “God helps those that help themselves.” Also, I believe Jesus himself said that all the miracles he performed could also be performed by any that “believed”. In reality, the Coming Messiah is us; the mere mortals that inhabit this Earth. It is we, ourselves, that must act to save the homo sapien species. We must awaken to this, or suffer the consequences.
As someone once said to me, where is our “V” as in V for Vendetta? I replied,” the hint is, V is all of us.”

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”~ Albert Einstein


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