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We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.. Moore, Oklahoma is OK strong

OK state flag


I took 19 pictures of the devastation I saw in Moore, OK yesterday. What’s more important are these things.. 1-) Neighbor helping neighbor. There was no white, black or brown. Only Americans. 2-) Oakies have got this cleanup thing to a science. Tons of construction crews (local) Samaritans Purse and Southern Baptist Association on site as well. 3-) FEMA truck about 1/4 mile away from hardest hit area. I wasn’t shocked. If you would like to donate to storm victims, please donate to either Samaritans Purse, Salvation Army or Oklahoma City food bank. Do NOT donate monies to the American Red Cross. Only about 5% of donations reach victims.

Pictures from Broadway in Moore: *Special note: Picture of home with virtually no damage is only 2 blocks from main tornado swath


035 036 037 038 039 040 041 042 043 044 045 046 047 048 049 050 051 052 053


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