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Decoding the Matrix Part Two: The Serpent Priests


Who were the Serpent Priests, what were their origins, and what does this have to do with Christianity? Quite a lot, as it turns out.


Let us begin this journey with the serpent. Worship of the serpent is thousands of years old, and in some “schools” of thought, predates history. The serpent was considered a lord of the waters, a symbol of “rebirth” through the sloughing of its skin, a phallic symbol; and of course the alchemical symbol Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, symbolizing infinity. In some mystery schools, the serpent god was the first to be encountered in the “test” of neophytes.

modern ouroboros

The texts that formed the Old Testament of the Bible, a foundation of Judaism and Christianity, were written after the Levite priesthood of the Hebrews were “held” in Babylon after 586BC. The early Hebrews worshipped the serpent god of the Sumer Empire and the Levites were called “Sons of the Great Serpent”. This serpent diety was named Ningishzida in Babylon. Originally, Ningishzida was a tree god. Now where have we heard this tree and serpent motif before? Ningishzida is portrayed as either a serpent with the head of a man, or, more frequently, as a double-headed serpent coiled into a double helix. The Hebrew’s rendition of Ningishzida, YHVH, was depicted as part human, part serpent, and their sacred book of esoteric (hidden) knowledge, the Kabbala, means “Serpent Wisdom”. The Levites worshipped YHVH as a dragon called Leviathan, hence the genesis of the name, Levite.
YHVH’s serpent form was also known as Nehushtan or “Brazen Serpent” by the Levites and they placed golden and brass images of this deity on the altars of Hebrew temples.Excavations have discovered bronze and copper serpent symbols in former Levite temples.


This brings us to the name Kohen. This means “priest” in Hebrew; and yes comes from the Levite tribe of snake priests and, in fact, the “K” is an ancient symbol used to denote serpent. Who was the first Kohen? Aaron, brother to Moses.

So, what does all this mean? It means these priests, Aaron chief among them, were initiates in the Mystery School of Babylon. There is no concrete evidence that a man names Aaron actually existed. That is of no real consequence, as Jews, Christians and even Muslims believe that he did. The priest class existed and still exists, with archeological evidence solidifying the claim.


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