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What’s dead should stay dead; and other lessons from Pet Sematary


Since this movie is on downstairs, it is the inspiration for this blog. Aptly timed with Easter this Sunday. What is the meaning of death, life, re-birth and zombies? Death, as Gandalf said, “is just another path; one we all must take.” However, in “Pet Sematary” the father is determined to regain what was taken and re-animate his dead son, and then wife. What once was, is not what arose. This is a good lesson for us that don’t live in Hollywood land (regrettably most do ). Things happen that seem unfair and unjust, because they most likely ARE unfair and unjust. However, clinging to the past not only impedes healing; it stops it dead in its tracks (pun intended) so that the wound festers. This injury can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Life is about change and growth; regardless of the path. As John Keats once wrote, ” Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?”

“Live, Learn, Grow”


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  1. “Sometimes, dead is better.”

  2. ‘Live’ I feel is not unfair, it is Life. In a universe that appears to not be aware of US we can feel that when things don’t go our way it is unfair. But we are what our forefathers and mothers(!) have made us, which makes me a fatalist and wonder just how much choice we really have? I’m not saying it’s all been written but that the script that most of us follow has been well prepared(!) by the past. How we play this little part that we have been given is perhaps the one area where we can make a difference and help those around us while watching out for the slings and arrows.


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