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Easter and Paganism (Things all Christians need to know)

baby bunnies

Easter, the holiday celebrated by Christians (regardless of denomination), symbolizes the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ; the flesh and blood sacrifice for sin. There are several questions Christians should ask as to how and why Easter is celebrated; and it has nothing to do with Yeshua bin Yosef. First, if there was an actual date when Yeshua was crucified, why does the date of Easter change every year? The celebration of Easter is determined by the MOON. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. The First Council of Nicea in the year 325 AD determined this “system” of the annual celebration of Easter.
Where does the name “Easter” come from? Easter finds it’s roots from the goddess Ostara, who was the Saxon goddess of the dawn. She is also the origin of the “easter bunny” myth as well. Bunnies and eggs are fertility symbols -NOT Christian symbols.
Also, the notion of a risen savior from a virgin birth is hardly a new concept. This was taken from Babylonian and Egyptian myth; Tammuz and Horus respectively. All of which truly stems from SUN worship, not SON worship. The idea of a deity hanging on a cross is ALSO not a new concept. Look up the “myth” of Ishtar and her decent into hell to see her sister Ereshkigal. Even the cross was not originally a Christian symbol, but an Egyptian symbol. The ankh is the progenitor of the cross, and yet again, another fertility symbol. Holidays in all pagan religions in the spring are for celebrating fertility and birth, and even RE-birth.
Christianity adopted many pagan beliefs and festivals to make it more palatable for the masses to accept. Is this blog an indictment on Christianity? Certainly not. However, it is an indictment on blind ignorance. Never accept anything on face value. And never forget this tried and true axiom; there really is nothing new under the SUN.




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