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Remember those  songs that you sang as a child? Perhaps even as an adult you recall belting out those familiar  tunes written by Bates and Ward; and Samuel Francis Smith respectively. Those songs were to fill thine heart with patriotism and pride for this nation; and they worked ever so well. So well in fact, that we have become a nation of bloated pride; or maybe just bloat, period. We are a young and insolent nation by many standards. We have only a 237 year “history’ as a United States (capitalization is important) which is a drop in comparison to that of Greece, Syria, Egypt or Iraq. So, why is it that we, as an Amerikan collective ( I will explain the reasons why I spell it this way later- much to many’s err) think we are the only ones to know something of history. When, in fact,  we not only have so little of our own to guide us; we are the first to revise it until it suits our purposes. In fact, so much revision has taken place that  real and true historic content is lost into the sea of the Amerikan subconscious of “Dancing with the Stars’ and “The Voice”. If someone, such as myself, brings up this fact with supporting evidence; they are attacked, insulted and mislabeled a “conspiracy theorist”. That term “conspiracy theorist” seems to be the 21st century catch all phrase to call someone who is saying facts that people do not like, nor wish to hear. It doesn’t change the facts, however. Amerikans can continue to live with their heads in the sand, or up their asses as I have found most often the case; it does not change FACT. Amerikans have forgotten what that word means due to the misconception of Slick WIllie-isms and News-speak.  Fact is defined in the online merriam-webster dictionary as “something that has actual existence”. Fact from the word “factus” in latin- be made, be done, be come.

What has happened to Amerika? First, I will now explain why I spell this word this way. It is quite simple and easily researched. In fact, the research is in a previous blog of mine called “The 14 signposts of slavery”. I spell it this way because we have become the definition of a fascist state. We embody the definition of fascism. I will not apologize if this upsets you. It is FACT. Get up off your lazy butt and read and find it for yourself.

Part of the inspiration for this blog is the Persian new year, Nowruz. The reason this inspires me is a multi-faceted one. First, the Persians have a rich history that many Amerikans (also with their Zionist cohorts) seem only too eager to obliterate, for no good damn reason at all accept for lies of “weapons of mass destruction”. Second, it’s time to break free of the idiotic right-left, white hat-black hat, “Ordo ab Chao” paradigm and wake the HELL up. I am sick of the lazy, complacency of Amerikans. It is this willful ignorance, this absolute need for a boogey-man that has cost the lives of thousands of US troops and millions of Iraqis for no good damn reason at all. So, before Iran 6.0 begins (lest we forget we are fighting illegal wars, in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Mali) I think Amerikans can use a tad of a history lesson about Persian New Year.

Nowruz, meaning “new day” in Persian, marks the beginning of spring on the Persian calendar. This celebration has spread through India, Central Asia, the Caucasus, South Asia, and Northwestern China. This marking of the spring equinox is, of course, not exclusive to the Persians as it was celebrated long before by various “pagan” religions.  Nowruz, in ancient Persia, has its roots in Zoroastrianism.  It is argued that Judaism is older than Zoroastrianism, which could be true (I see no real evidence to support this) as originally Judaism was not a monotheistic religion and the ideas of monotheism, the heaven- hell duality and angels came from Zoroaster, NOT Judaism.  Again, I really do not care if you believe me. Look these things up and discover them for yourselves.  Zoroaster, who it could be said is part of the amalgamated form, along with Siddhartha Gautama(Buddha), of Yeshua bin Yosef that Christians call “Jesus”;  as there is no evidentiary record of this man ever to have existed. Zoroaster, as he came to be known, taught strict monotheism; with Ahura Mazda as the supreme being who created all and represented all that was eternal and pure.  Angra Mainyu, the “evil spirit”, was not mentioned in “Gathas” by name. However, he calls the enemy of the divine order “the lie”.  So, in Zoroastrianism, you have this duel, this duality of ‘the truth” versus “the lie”.  Later Zoroastrian thought also postulates the existence of angelic beings called  “Amesha Spentas” , who are seen as emanations of Ahura Mazda. This is the end of the history lesson.

So, Amerikans.. You are not the end all beat all of human existence. Your religion and the religion of the other Abrahamic religions are also not the end all beat all of spiritual existence.  We have become nothing but a culture of decadence, greed, violence and apathy for the plight of our fellow man. { I think a quick study of the fall of the Roman empire would be a good place to start to see where we are headed}. It’s quite ok to blow kids faces off with drones as long as they are brown kids living 10,000 miles away in dirty places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is sickening and it is sad.  I don’t care if you don’t like it. It is FACT. Wake up, grow up, and educate yourselves. This is why the world hates Amerika. It is not because we are so fabulous. It is because our government is a bully and a terrorist, and we stupid Amerikans keep falling for the same BULLSHIT over and over. These crimes and atrocities are committed in OUR name and with OUR money. This is why they hate us, and justifiably so.



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