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Tigress for President 2016

One this Christmas Eve, I thought I would post this blog..

Things that I would do if i were President of the United States.

First, real steps to dismantle the Fed. Our centralized banking system must be dismantled. The best way is to cut the head off the snake. Imprison or the death penalty for bankers found guilty of high crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering or rate fixing.  Glass-Stegall and other acts meant to protect the public against greedy banks will be re-enacted.

Second, all US troops regardless of branch are to returned to US Soil immediately. These troops will be used to help round up and deport all illegals and those foreign nationals here that are subverting the Constitution. These troops will be used to secure our borders.

Third, lobbies will be made illegal and their funds confiscated by the government.

Fourth, all foreign aid and weaponry sales will cease immediately.

Fifth, all unions will be dismantled. If the workers would like to form unions, as they were once, that is allowed. Union members have a say in electing their representatives and also have a say in how dues (if they choose to keep that) are spent.

Sixth, all trade agreements like NAFTA to be rescinded immediately. All taxes and tariffs on foreign goods will be placed back.

Seventh, all corporate welfare is to be stopped immediately, with a flat tax of 30% on international corporations like Starbucks and Exxon. Any moneys found in foreign accounts will be seized under tax evasion.

Eighth, any individual making $250,000 or less a year only pays a 10% federal tax. Anything above that will be separated into increments..

Ninth, Obamacare is to be destroyed utterly. There should be only federal guidelines that the states should follow. Panels set up in each state with real healthcare workers, not big pharmaceutical agents and insurance agents. Each state then will set up their own exchanges.  In this there will have to be a total revision of the mental health care system. Any physician or therapist found to be an agent for big pharmaceutical will be arrested and their license revoked.

Tenth, any politician found to be participating in anything illegal will be fired. Also, there will be term limits of Representatives and Senators. Also, the life time pay provision will be abolished immediately.

Eleventh, the CIA is to be immediately terminated. Their budget to remanded back unto the federal coffers. Any member of the CIA involved in torture are to be arrested.

Twelfth, all DHS, NSA employees found spying on American citizens without due process are to be immediately arrested.

Thirteenth, the Patriot Act is to be immediately rescinded, along with NDAA.

Fourteenth, all illegal drugs are to be made legal and federally regulated and taxed.

Fifteenth, funding for all defense contractors involved in human trafficking is to be stopped immediately, and those individuals involved to be arrested.

Sixteenth, the TSA is to be immediately disbanded and US troops to be used in a minimal role ONLY for security in airports. Specific guidelines will be written unto those ends.

Seventeenth, the UN is to be de-funded immediately and kicked off US soil.

Eighteenth, NATO will receive no more US funds, arms or troops of any kind.

Nineteenth, The US Department of Education is to be destroyed utterly. Educational exchanges are to be set up. Propaganda taught as history will be immediately removed from curriculum, unless taught as historical FICTION only.

Twentieth, all Nuclear power plants are to be decommissioned IMMEDIATELY. The 15 percent of power created by these plants will be replaced by solar energy.

Twenty-first, Nikola Tesla’s papers are to be released to independent scientists for real, clean solutions to energy.

Twenty-second, all papers relating to the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK are to be released immediately without redaction.

Twenty-third, all prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay are to receive their due process by trial. No more delays. After sentences are rendered, no longer than 6 months is this process, Guantanamo then is to close. Never to be re-opened.

Twenty-fourth, any person involved in a mass shooting and found guilty shall be labeled a terrorist regardless or race, religion or creed and shall receive the appropriate sentencing for terrorism.

I’m sure I will think of other things later to add.. And I also know I’m dreaming.. But a girl can dream..







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